Moving out of the city?

Being locked down during the pandemic has not been easy for thousands of people. It has been especially hard for people in built-up areas without gardens or easy access to nature. BBC News this morning reporting on people looking to move to Shropshire and there has been an influx of requests.

However, while Lincolnshire was not mentioned, it is fast becoming a popular option for young professionals, families and the retired. Not that many people have heard of the region known as South Kesteven, but have heard of some of it’s major towns like Stamford just off the A1 corridor.

More and more Londoners are considering South Kesteven their home for a number of reasons; you get a lot more for your money, there is ample access open spaces, there is a lot to do on the event calendar and it is central to be able to travel North and South of the UK when required. Here are a few useful links to check out;

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